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PV Family is a community, a gathering of all those who believe in the self energy management: families, technicians and operators.
"Because social energy can create the new energy of the future."


The community PV Family was founded in Italy by a group of experts in photovoltaic, IT and communication to bring all the people who wish to contribute to the new participatory energy development, together in a new, large open community.



Consumers today demand to participate in the product creation, and then to evolve their own role in the social, economic and political process.

Consumers expect to not only be consumers but social, economic and political actors. In the future, companies and consumers will collaborate to create a better world.

The PV Family believes that there will be an emergence and establishment of a new participatory economy where both companies and consumers take advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies leading to new economic, social and human progress.


In Europe, residential energy consumption only accounts for 28% of total energy consumption. Although there is greater awareness of the potential of renewable energy and its energy saving, it is clear that better methods and systems could be developed to exploit them to achieve their potential.

Our activities are focused on the application of research results in energy field, the development of innovative solutions that include monitoring, storage and energy management systems designed to help consumers better understand their habits and manage their energy consumption by exploiting the full potential offered by new technologies.

We develop new tools that stimulate the cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders to achieve great results in terms of collective efficiency and energy saving.

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The first project that calls together all the economic and social forces of residential photovoltaic to build the new future of energy. From the website you can immediately download the new App My Solar Family to monitor the performance of your PV system and compare it to neighboring ones.